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Feel free to stop in to see our herd and potential offerings either through private treaty or Angus sales. 

2021 BCIA Bull Sale:

We want to thank  all who came out to the December 2021 BCIA Bull Sale in Culpeper, VA and bid on a great line up of yearling bulls.  Thank you to the Hopkins family for feeding and caring for the bulls.  The bulls looked outstanding this year.

We especially want to thank:

Edward Miles Hastings for the purchase of Lot 14--AOAF Enhance 020

John A. Lindsay IV for the purchase of Lot 15--AOAF Ashland 120

and Tom Nixon/Glenmary Farm for the purchase of Lot 16--AOAF Ashland 080

The 2022 BCIA Bull Sale will take place on December 10th at noon. It will be hosted at Culpeper Ag Enterprises again.

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